Full moon fox cubs by Shell North

By Shell North

For this article I was asked to talk about my favorite artist. I have lots of things around me like nature that inspire me but rarely a well known artist.

I was inspired to push my Powertex canvas work further a couple of years ago by fellow Powertex tutor and artist Rosie Casselden. This was my first piece with Rosie in her studio with a little guidance.

I had never braved painting detail before so it was a big thing to me, but wow did it opened doors to floods of ideas. So I would say Rosie is definitely a favorite artist of mine that inspires me.

I started painting fauna and flora but with a mixed media twist, using textures and random items such as shirts.

Upon sharing this to the Powertex studio group there was a comment “Elfie Cella does some amazingly inspirational work”. She does some textural nature art using textiles and everyday objects. Here is some of her work, which has become my inspiration.

How to make a nature inspired Powertex painting

Materials list

*Large canvas mine was 40 x 40 cm

*HB Pencil,

*Nature napkins, (I usually would paint these myself but for the ease of this tutorial I will be using a napkin image of foxes)

*Easy coat mat,

*Transparent Powertex universal medium (fabric hardener),

*Small and medium art balls,

*Cotton dish cloth cut and torn into pieces,

*Stone art powder,

*3D flex,

*Brown and Black Bister,

*Stone art clay pre-made with bronze Powertex Universal medium (fabric hardener),

*Stiff fan brush number 2,4 & 6, pointed round tip brushes a rigger brush and a ¾ flat wash brush,

*Acrylic paints from my stash; paynes grey, white, various browns, various greens and yellow.

Step 1

Plan your scene, starting by draw a den around where the foxes go and adding a grass line, tree and moon out line. Add X’s where the very high textured area will be.

Step 2

Paint around your napkin image with a paint brush and water, this makes it easier to tear without risk of damaging the image. Next tear away the excess layers of napkin, remove top layer for application.

Step 3

Coat the fox den with a layer of Easy coat, while still wet carefully place napkin image on top of the wet easy coat, Once in place, coat another layer over the top of the image working from the middle outwards. Once dry add another coat or two to make sure the image will be safe from damage


Step 4

Paint the areas that require texture with a thick layer of Transparent Powertex universal medium, sprinkle with art balls, stone art powder and 3D flex, using a pallet knife to mix with more transparent if required. Add fabric with Transparent Powertex in random places over the texture to add layers that stand out for dry brushing later.

Finally sprinkle stone art along higher ground (where grass would be).

Tip: Dust off any loose bits when dry. Also note that you don’t want balls in the higher ground area as it will make harder to paint any roots later.

Step 5

Spray all the texture with Brown and Black bister, avoiding the foxes. Finish by drying with hair dryer.

Step 6

Using Paynes grey acrylic paint and a little water on your wash brush, paint the night sky, avoid the tree and moon. While wet, dab with a scrunched piece of tissue to remover a little paint around the moon to create an aura, leave to dry.

Step 7

Using a mix of different shades of white and paynes grey, create moon shades by stippling. Add very watery white around the moon for its aura. Finally using a fan brush flick white over the sky for stars.

Step 8

Use the pre-made brown stone art clay, sculpt around the tree outline, paint the thinner branches with brown acrylic.

Step 9

Now add all the detail such as grass in shades of green and yellow, roots shades of browns and white mixed, branches and bark in shades of browns.

To finish dry brush the dirt textured area with various shades of light brown to off white acrylic paint.

So here’s the finished piece….

I hope I’ve inspired you to push your canvas work in a different direction. If you would like to have a go at this or something similar you can contact me on my website at The Crafty Little Corner or take a look at my other design team projects.

Well that’s all from me this month, see you again in the days running up to Christmas for my last blog of the year!

Peace, love and cosy fox cub cuddles

Shell x

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