Dragon dreams

Updated: Jan 24

Back in July I attended the Powertex Tutor retreat, we were all asked to bring a random item to be Powertexed, when nearing the end of the shenanigans of the retreat the items were put into a raffle and distributed fairly before we were challenged to create something with it using Powertex. My 'prize' was this swan planter.

When I saw my project I knew what she would become nearly instantly! Luckily It had a wire frame despite the continuous shedding of the grass material, so firstly I had to wrap a coating around her to stop the trail of shedding grass around my studio when ever I moved it.

Next I filled her with a plant pot and a medium sized stone to weight her down and then stuffed her with old used vinyl gloves and foil before covering in masking tape. I built her shape with more foil and added wire for the tail before I again covered in masking tape.

I made her legs using different sized polystyrene eggs cut in half length ways, added wire and foil for the shape then masking taped once again. The reason for using masking tape if you are not already aware is it allows for better adhesion as it allows the Powertexed material to have a better grip. The face was built up with foil before ever inch of it was ....you guessed it, masking taped .

As I wanted this piece to stand the weathers in case she goes outside I gave her a couple of coats of lead grey Powertex to make sure she was sealed.

While the piece was drying I started creating her wings using galvanised wire and masking tape.

Once all parts were complete and painted in a couple of coats of Lead grey Powertex fabric hardener it was time to give my piece some scales! I decided to use several different types of textured and patterned dish cloths working the lead grey Powertex fabric hardener in and applying all over her body, wings, legs and tail. Once dry I added glass eyes.

To finish her off I made up some clay for her face, made using equal parts of Lead grey Powertex and stone art powder mixed together to create the clay. I then coloured with a dry brushing her using a mix of easy coat varnish mixed with pigment powders Turquoise, white, terra-green, Orange, yellow ochre and rich gold.

And here she is, isn't she just so beautiful.....and dishy

Let me know your thoughts on Dishy and if you'd fancy a winged beauty in your home or garden?

Bye for now,

Shell x