Powertex eyes

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It's a well known fact that once you start using Powertex you will come down with a condition sometimes referred to as 'Powertex eyes' (thanks Abigail Lagden)

Now Powertex eyes is a condition where you find yourself walking around doing your normal daily activities but you see the world through these eyes and scope out everything and anything you come across on its ability to be used with and transformed by Powertex.

There are definitely other symptoms that come with this condition such as having 101 reasons why you no longer want to throw away kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes , stained/torn old t-shirts, broken jewellery, beer bottle, 1ps, worn scissors, jam jars, grannies doilies and even your old boots, It evokes a crazed hoarder within us that has been known to test relationships.

Your grocery shopping starts to change, you may start buying jars of food because of it's shape, before Powertex you never bought so many mop heads and dish cloths, not to clean with but because it makes amasing beards for your gnome sculptures and chain mail texture for your cosplay piece your working on and oh my world have you never wanted to turn an empty wine bottle into a dragon before. Not because you drank the whole thing and your being abit giddy but because it's an inspiration you've just had while walking the dog. Let's face it you have probably contemplated Powertexing the dog!

All jokes aside (I hope) once you've discovered the amazingness that is Powertex, you have a bundle of natural non man made materials as that's what works best for it to become weatherproof, your only limit is your imagination!

Here is a pasta jar mop head gnome

and mini jam jar fairy houses just for starters

An old pair of boots to fair boots and a wine bottle turned light feature

Have you got Powertex eyes yet?

Catch you later,


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