All the ways becoming a Powertex tutor changed my life

When I stumbled across Powertex I was merely a crafter, making and selling things at local fairs to enable me to keep funding myself to keep on crafting. For me crafting was my happy place, my escape from my reality, from my low self esteem, breaking me from the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression as it brought about a sense of mindfulness, it slowed everything down to this one moment, a moment of creating and imagination.


from the moment I stumbled across it I was brimming with the possibilities of where I could take it and how I could incorporate it into my crafting, It gave me a distraction, it gave me focus and it ignited my imagination like never before. It gave me purpose. It saved me, yes it saved me, it rescued me from a dark place and gave me something to build and work towards, something I was struggling with. After spending time playing around with it it consumed me, it became my therapy.


I was very shy when I first signed up for training to be a tutor, apparently not so much anymore even if I feel it sometimes. When your apart of the tutor team you become apart of a family in a way, never have I ever being part of a company that supports you like the other tutors do, who are willing to share their ideas, their bargin's so you can share in the glory of say discount canvas' or 36 good quality paint brushes for £20 or Hobbycraft doing half price journals, never mind the tips, trick and advice that fill the group daily. Moral support from everyone, ask a question if your memory fails you or you would like an opinion and its there in abundance, other tutors telling you how lovely they think your latest mess around with the products is or giving you a boost just from a motivational post now and then, without them directing it personally at you it can give you the firm kick from behind that you never realised you needed!


The social aspect changed my life too as not only do we have a private page on social media to share these great things and connect with one another we also get to meet some of the other tutors across the UK at the yearly tutor retreat in the summer at head office (see one of the previous blog posts)

For nearly the past year I've been helping to organise local tutor meet ups over the south of the UK so we can support and get to know one another in a more familiar and less technical way, I can honestly say we have always had such a laugh too and its so good for moral, giving us inspiration for future workshops and local businesses to support for stock for our workshops. We have our local Christmas get together in Dec and this time hired a Hall so we can have space to go a bit wilder and get into the spirit and have a good laugh.

Creative space

I had the studio space of my dreams built last year (see one of my previous posts) It's given me the freedom to escape for my dose of therapy, my place of expressions of my inner thoughts all contained safely in this private and secure space. It's change the dynamics of my messy garden, giving it structure and feelings or a nice place to be and spend time in and around. Something I could never have achieved if it wasn't for becoming a tutor.

Team work

My Dorset team is growing, with new members joining in the fun, my workshops building and spreading the creative fun, with shows such as the Craft4Crafters around the Corner on the 18th, 19th and 20th of this month I'm busier and happier than ever because how is it depressing hard work when its something you love?! Well it isn't, for the first time in a very long time I feel apart of something great, I feel alive, I feel inspired and I've made some friends for life without a doubt.

If your feeling inspired by this post to join the team, I'm still looking for individual tutors in these following paired areas;

Bridport and Lyme regis,

Weymouth and Dorchester,

Swanage and parts of Wareham.

Sherbourne, and surrounding areas

and Verwood and Ringwood

Don't worry if your not in the area, I can send you in the right direction, so don't hesitate to contact me today.

Bye for now,


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