Vintage rust

Its safe to say I love rust, I wanted to have another play with rusty art on a canvas again but maybe make this one more feminine and vintage looking and less industrial than my last.

I started by finding some vintage patterned tissue papers and added them to the canvas using easy coat mat. I then dried with a hairdryer to make to background wipe-able.

Next I looked through my stencils and picked a few that fit with the theme, using structure paste I created 3D texture through the stencils to the canvas.

A little tip when using pastes through stencils to keep them in top notch condition is to either keep a bowl of warm water to wash the stencils in immediately after use or if that's not practical, place a few pieces of kitchen roll flat near your work space, lay the stencil on this and wipe with baby wipes over the kitchen roll straight away. Not only does this prolong their life but sometimes the excess left over paste pushes through the stencil imprinting onto the kitchen roll, you can leave these to dry for another project and even mop up bister sprays with for colour too!

Next I poured a little Ivory Powertex liquid into a container and mixed with rusty powder and vinegar, after stirring altogether I painted the mixture onto the canvas leaving some of the vintage tissue paper image showing.

Soaking a piece of cotton lace in the same mixture I added to the canvas.

Next I gave the canvas a spray with vinegar to activate the rusty powder further, then I sprayed the canvas a little with brown bister, drying a little in places to give cracks where the bister was sprayed but not too much as you have to keep the canvas still a little wet and keep spraying with vinegar for a few hours for the rust to come out.

While the rust on the canvas was curing I made a textured paste using bronze brown Powertex liquid hardener, Powertex sand, stone art powder and balls.

I then took some cogs and embellishments and painted one side with bronze brown Powertex liquid hardener and then the other with the textured mix above and added them to the canvas.

After several more sprays of vinegar to the canvas and tilting the canvas so the rust dripped I then finished with a little dry brushing with Powertex powder pigments Dark brown, mocha, red ochre and yellow ochre and easy coat varnish.

And here is the finished piece.....

Here are the products used in this project (click on the images to take you to the products)

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