If at first you don't succeed!

Now everyone sees a blog posts with a nicely polished happy ending finished piece or pieces......well not today folks!

I have been wanting to try acrylic pouring for some time so I thought I'd play around with the ivory Powertex and acrylic inks.

Firstly I poured a little of the acrylic inks into cups and added a drop of silicone oil to each.

I then poured a cup of ivory powertex liquid, adding little amounts of the inks and silicone mixes to the ivory to create a dirty pour. placing the mini canvas over my cup i then flipped it over, leaving it to stand there for a few moments.

Then I lifted the cup letting the paint spill out, pouring the dregs over then empty places.

Unfortunately the results were not as hoped as somewhere along the lines my mixtures and quantities didn't quite work out, I'm thinking paints work better than inks however I will keep trying! The pattern was not a bad one it just didn't have the cells id craved for.

I made another mix, this time adding more silicone oil. I followed the same routine but again no cells!

Ok so now it was time to try a swipe.....I wanted those cells so badly!

so I added a little white to an edge of the mini canvas and swiped it across with a piece of acetate ( I used stamp packaging lol) it wasn't what I wanted in the beginning but I got the cells hooray!....well sort of

A few days later I tried an acrylic paint mix instead of ink and the results were much better but the saga continues

So I say to you the time old saying.....If at first you don't succeed, you must try and try again.

Happy crafting everyone x


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