Bringing your inner goddess or God to life.

My Figurine workshops have always been popular ones to run, and why not as the finished pieces are packed full of your time, effort, creativity, and love and stunning to the eyes. No matter what your technical crafting level or experience is, these pieces are a labor of love at the end of the workshop day.

Often I've been approached by Pagans, Wicca and nature folk asking if I run deity creating figurine workshops, so this year i decided to set the date and went ahead, firstly the females and later the males.

Now this was no ordinary workshop helping someone create their Goddess or god, my thoughts went to going inside themselves. Taking a short meditation, at the first workshop I asked them to connect with their feminine side exploring their inner goddess, creating an image in their head of who they wanted to create. I then gave them selections of materials they were drawn to use and taught them the basics of creating the inner core of their sculpture.

Step by step giving them guidance their goddess' and female guides were coming to life! here are some of the examples, a female angel, female guide of a healer and an Ellen of the ways I teach in other workshops.

The following workshop everyone and more wanted to create the male counter parts, doing the same as before but connecting with the inner male aspect in us. Some had come intending to produce a certain deity but upon connecting were guided to another.

After another busy day yesterday our male counter parts were finished, these included Arch Angel Michael, Hern the hunter, the green man and saint Francis of Assisi

It was a fun couple of workshops and hope to run them again sometime.

Creating the figurine sculptures is definitely one of my favorite workshops, if you want to come along to one and create your own please be sure to click on the images and look at up coming workshops.

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