Lust on rust

I don't know about anyone else but when it comes to art and texture I do love me abit o rust! I find myself lusting at rust, walking past a railing with the beautiful decay of oranges and browns encrusting up through the painted top layer, getting giddy when my tool box rumages reveal rusty bolts, washers and drill bits.

Rust for me is a must and its been too long since I got out my Powertex rusty powder so I decided to try create a rusty junk canvas.

I started off finding some rusty bits and bobs, added easy structure paste through a stencil to a wooden heart to create a 3D text on it. I had sprayed a few unrusted bits with vinegar a few days before and addtionally sprinkled a little rusty power to encourage rust to form. I then arranged the pieces on my canvas until i was happy with the placing.

Next I mixed diferent textures, using stone art and Ivory Powertex liquid with a little vinegar and rusty powder mixed in, Ivory powertex mixed with a little sand again with a little vinegar and rusty powder mixed in, then finally Ivory powertex and 3D flex paste. I then started adding it to the canvas in different places, I smoothed some of it out in places with a pallet knife and poured on Ivory Powertex liquid around the gaps and over the edges a little more before attaching the rusty embellishments.

Once the embellishments were in place I sprayed a layer of brown bister spray to help create cracks, then dried with a hairdryer. After I gently wiped back some of the bister before leaving in a warm place to crack more, and plan to spraying the canvas every so often throughout the day with more vinegar. I wonder how it will turn out?!