Bee mine

Valentines Day is upon us and shops are abundant in Reds and Pinks, Bows, hearts and flowers. I wanted to create a mixed media piece for valentine's, but something different but that won't suprise some as anyone who knows me knows I'm not a pink person in any way so I tried to stay away from pink and red as I'm not really a girly girl kinda person. I saw one of these hexigon canvas' in Hobbycraft last week and decided to snap it up, this was going to be the start of something fun!

This piece was easy to inspire me towards a Bee theme and added the tounge in cheek connection to Valentines. I found myself some honeycombe packing cardboard in my stash and peeled back the plat layer to reveal the honeycombe pattern, dug out my honeycombe stencil and went to play in the studio. I used a mixture of Yellow and Ivory Powertex liquid, structure paste mixed with yellow pigment powder a few flower embellishments and of course some metal Bees, the theme was yellow and I tried to stay away from pink but as Spring is fast aproaching once the dry brushing of colours came the pinks and the pretty snuck in... and a few hearts! here is my finished rendition to Valentines.

Just spreading the love and some sweet sweet honey 💛 hope your valentine's is special xx My entry for #12monthsofpowertex