Happy 2018

Well its here and it seems like forever since I picked up a paint brush, infact my studio became a little disorganised from crafting disuse, I lost my crafty mojo and needed a boot in the right direction, I'm sure you've been there!

I'm so thankful I'm apart of such a supportive team but sometimes when all of our contact is online and the shows Powertex UK attend are up North, it can feel isolating and lonely in the studio alone on the days im not in Hobbycraft and craft groups. Luckily last year at a powerwax workshop with Brigitte grade the owner of Powertex International a few local tutors in southern areas of the UK suggested a local meet up to get together, craft and get to know one another abit more face to face.

Well yesterday was the day we got to meet up, the destination was decided on was Sue Sheaths Quackers about craft in the Isle of Whight. We all brough a small 500ml bottle of Powertex and a suprise item bagged up for a lucky dip, each tutor had no idea what they were getting and were challenged to create something with there item. Well I definately found my mojo and inspiration to push me on into 2018, it was such a great day, lots of giggles, friendships made and bonds strengthened, it has done so much good for all of us and we plan to do it again every few months to strengthen what we gained from yesterday.

Here is what we got up too.....

I think you can agree it looks like we had fun! The day was finiahed off by a pub meal and a ferry trip back before we all went our seperate ways to drive home.

Spring meet up here we come :)