Witchy, witchy, Screamy screamy, Happy, Happy Halloweeny!

One of my favourite times of year is Halloween, and those that know me wont be supprised at all! What better excuse to go all gothic and dark, well i find myself doing this alot but this means I can go all out, paint the town black, throw the bones and cobwebs about mix coulourful potions and cackled in my craft room......sounds like a normal day really!

This year I decided to make a several pieces using Powertex products such as stone art skull, black powertex hardener coated fabric potion bottles, mixed media Grimores and spell spell books, A mix of teracotta and yellow mix of powertex hardener soaked into hessian to create a pumpkin and of course a sorting hat! After my cat Merlin payed me a visit at my crafting studio door trying to sneak in and find a warm cosy place to snuggle I set off creating my spooky fun pieces for my workshop examples.

Whatever you have planned this halfterm and Halloween I hope you have a great time!