You shall go to the ball

Earlier this year Myself and my partner booked a holiday away after a stressful rush to build the studio, what better way to celebrate his birthday than taking him to a fairy ball in the beautiful natural and historic Tintagel in Cornwall! Now you may laugh but he does Fairy walks in ancient woodlands in London and also has a tendancy to have a laugh and dress up so this was a perfect excuse for a getaway with scenic places to explore and also a ball to top it of! This was also a great excuse to make myself an outfit, wings and boots and a hat with my favourite art medium.....Powertex!

So sourced a hat and boots, crafted flowers from fabric and powertex and made the wings from 2 coat jangers and a pair of green tights.

I coated the boots in ruffled pieces of black powertex soaked fabric, dry brushed them in green powercolour pigment and easy coat varnish to make sure they were weatherproof then embellished the boots, hat and centre of the wings, I even had enough left over to make a head band in case the hat became too warm.

May partner went his usual Gothic creative way and made himself a crow mask Using a cardboard base, black powertex and feathers (he had the rest of the costome) and off we went to the Tintagel Fairy Ball!

And what a great weekend was had

with, great live bands and groups, beautiful walks, scenery at st Nectans glen, shopping around the quaint shops, and exploring in Merlins cave. It was exactly what we needed to refresh and have fun, and what an excuse to craft outfits for.

see you next month for Halloween is Coming! Another good excuse to make sorting hats, witchy bits, spell books and dragons!