From tiny acorns the oak may grow

About me and a little about my journey

Firstly and above all I am a mother and Grandmother, My family and close friends mean the world to me.

I'm passionate about our planet, nature, the diversities and the cultures of the world around me. Happiness, love, creativity and positivity are important to me, for me it is the power source to nurturing my soul and feeling fulfilled in my life and I like to bring a little light in everyone’s life with my arty streak where I can.

I have had a passion for Arts and crafting since a young child, delving myself into the richness of imagination and other worlds it could take me to. From foraging natures treasures while out and about with my parents as a child, using house hold items due to be thrown out and creating what my imagination was showing me , to pretending (from a mirrored dressing table) that I was being filmed on Blue Peter making these creations declaring.....'And here's one I made earlier'! It made me feel alive and content and crafting often helped me get through tough insecure or awkward feelings and times as a child, teenager (and even now as an adult) allowing me to detach myself from bad feelings and glow with positive light.

As an adult I often gifted friends with handmade gifts and in my thirties kept being told I should sell them, my dilemma was my confidence in my abilities, and how and where?! Additionally I was suffering with my physical health and the one people are often too afraid to say, yes mental health. I was having heavy bouts of depression, low self-worth, insomnia and pain with mobility each day, it was and sometimes still is a struggle for me, but back then it was grinding me down fast. Thankfully one day something ignited within me and I took the plunge and enquired about attending a craft fair advertised on social media to display all these items i'd created and hoarded. I received a confirmation of a place so the days running up to it I collected all my crafty makes together and prepared the best I could. I set out on the day and arranged some of my handmade items on the stall table the only way I could with what I had. Looking back it was a bit of a shambles with slightly random crafted makes and I was winging it in a slightly nervous trembling anxious state, I had no experience doing this kind of thing and didn't have a clue where to start but here. After time I started to invest in better ways to create, display, and started testing the durance of my products. In the beginning It was hit and miss with the outcomes of the fairs as some craft fairs I’d sell enough to recoup, while others I wouldn’t even make more than the cost of my table back, worse a few times I paid for a table and sold nothing as the fair wasn't busy. It was disheartening at times but I still loved to create and being creative was a way for me to pick up my sometimes low mood and replenish materials to keep on crafting, also the compliments from the public were vast despite not always getting a sale.

I’ve tried and dabbled in an extensive range of crafts and reached a point nearly of; what haven't I tried working with, I enjoyed most of them and only wrote off a few. After a while I started making a few new arty and crafty friends and I would get together with some of them a couple of times a year and travel to big craft exhibitions and shows. Turning up to my first I stood at the entrance and inhaled deeply …..'Wow' was my first thought with my eyes and mouth wide open and fingers near twitching upon witnessing the vastness of all the stalls that were selling an Aladdin’s cave worth of treasures for me to drool over and possibly afford to be able to play with. I was like a young child walking into Hamleys London for the first time!

After a couple of years of visiting these places I decided to try a workshop on offer at one of the shows. Looking down the list myself and one of my friends started looking through the timetable of choices....'ooohhh look at that' I said to my friend while pointing at a Powertex bottle bling workshop, The bottle looked amazing all sculpted, colourful, eye catching and different to anything i'd seen. I attended, loved it, was freshly inspired and the image above of my witch bottle was the result from the Bottle bling workshop and my first play with Powertex.

After attending many more shows and prowling the Powertex stall several times over I eventually started talking to Tracey Evans's and her Husband Gary from Powertex UK, they were showing me the new tutor training where they were offering to train people as a Powertex tutors. I had really enjoyed the mini workshops and after considering the benefits I decided to attend, the rest is now history and here we have the result.

Being passionate about nature I wanted to combine arts, crafts and nature as much as possible, reusing the things we throw away without thought and creating something others may appreciate, enjoy and admire. Crafting has lifted my soul and Powertex has enabled me to widen my horizons to achieve new possibilities as its qualities and uses as an art medium are immense.

My aim is to bring as much joy to people as I can with varying ages and abilities through my workshops and tutoring people to create pieces so they can experience new limits with art and crafting and get the enjoyment from making them as I get from crafting myself. If I manage to achieve this even with one person then I know it will spread.

Go on give it a try.....