So what are we about?

Being passionate about nature and art I wanted to combine the two as much as possible, reusing the things we throw away without thought and creating something others may appreciate and admire. Mixed media and sculpting has enabled myself to achieve this along with a fantastic product called Powertex as its qualities and uses as an art medium are immense with the added bonuses of it being water soluble, non toxic and environmentally friendly, but weatherproof after curing. I work and teach many craft mediums, being artist and creative comes in many art forms for me.

I work with varying ages and abilities through my workshops and tuition. Our aim is to teach people to find inspiration, joy, and freedom, gain confidence and achieve satisfaction through art in their own way, we feel strongly about viewing art as being theraptic and aiding mindfulness so we like to promote the benefits of art and craft workshops.

Education & Work experience 

As the owner of The Crafty Little Corner, I offer the following information of my qualifications and experience. I passed school with 8 GCSE'S, with Art being my highest grade, I have since trained in psychology, counselling, a plethora of holistic and complementary therapies, energy work and additionally plant and herb studies.

My work experience has been in many fields; retail, hospitality, party plan, counselling with me eventually specialising in substance misuse, Complimentary therapy and I have also worked in the care industry working with both elderly and adults with physical and or learning difficulties.

I have volunteered in the community for schools helping with arts and crafts, as a mentor in a drop-in for adults with substance misuse issues and fostering and rehoming abandoned stray and unwanted animals.

I personally have been passionate about art and crafts from a young age, always drawing, painting and making whatever sprung to my imagination with whatever bits and bobs I could find. I always made do, never having a dolls house I'd make my own from a cardboard box and made things such as sofas from fabric sample covered cardboard tubes and egg box's, beds made of ice-lolly sticks, kitchen units from varying sized biscuit and pasta boxes with a yoghurt pot sink. I filled my spare time with art competitions, making cards, creating random 3D junk sculptures, dolls clothes, Easter bonnets, Christmas decorations, you name it and I was probably doing it! My Gran taught me how to knit and use a sewing machine from around 6-8 years, I look back with great fondness at these times as I had a creative problem-solving mind and tried anything that fueled it. I still do!

As an adult, I have been dabbling with scrapbooking, card making and cross stitch since around 1996 but more seriously since 2005 when I started to have little spare funds to build up my craft stash little by little.

And this is where all my dreams began....

After selling handmade crafts for a few years I trained as a certified Powertex Tutor in June 2015 and have been tutoring in the southwest UK ever since, I am additionally a creative team leader for Dorset and surrounding areas running and supporting a team of certified Powertex tutors.  I currently offer many varied tutored mixed media and sculpting workshops in my private studios in North Dorset or Hobbycraft Bournemouth to a vast array of ages and capabilities. I also offer travelling workshops to groups in areas in the South-West not covered by a Powertex tutor or for people wanting group party bookings.